The Uttoxeter Brisbournes Archive

Percy George Brisbourne's Photographic Plate Collection

These pictures are from a set of 3" by 4" photographic plates taken by PGB at the beginning of the 20th Century, and inherited from him by his eldest son, Peter, after his death in 1957. The plates were housed for many years in a dirty wooden box in the upper reaches of PGB's draper's shop at 55,carter Street, Uttoxeter, and then in the attic of Peter's house in Manchester. They were eventually bequeathed to me (rhb) who has cleaned them and printed them up via a scanner. Evidence of their poor condition is apparent on many of these plates, although after 100 years of neglect, some are also in a remarkably good condition.

Identification of the individual plates was done very late and in a rather haphazard way by Peter. His view was that they were taken in about 1905. ( If the identification is generally correct, my own view is that judging by the apparent ages, they must have been taken two or three years earlier. - rhb) He identified some of the plates as having been taken at the New Farm, Roden. Others have been taken elsewhere, some obviously, and perhaps all the rest, in London, where Percy lived at the time as a draper's apprentice. He was a keen oarsman, and some show this activity taking place on what is identifiable as the River Thames. Hammersmith Bridge is included in a couple of shots. Many of the photos were presumably of his friends and colleagues in London. Some were also taken at an athletics ground and some around what was presumably his digs in London. Some cannot be attributed at all.

Unfortunately, the main identification of those few of the photos which show family members was made on the pages of an album, from which the individual prints became detached. Thus the names were all present, but which pictures they refer to is a matter of speculation. To assist the reader, a Brisbourne family tree is attached. A certain amount of detective work thus went into the titles as displayed, and any more informed advice would be gratefully received. Please send it to me at the address/telephone no. shown on the archive homepage


The Photographs

There are about 50 photographs in the collection. For ease of viewing they have been subdivided into five sets, listed below, and accessed by clicking on the title. The set of main interest is that containing photos undoubtedly taken at the New Farm, and in most cases, of identifiable subjects. No one is identified in the others, although some of the sites in London are. The pages consist of a set of thumbnail pictures, an enlarged version of each of which can be obtained by clicking on the individual thumbnail itself.

The Individual Sets are:

       1. New Farm     2. Sporting Matters     3. London General    4. Unattributable Photos    5. London People